Welcome to the Middle Section of Karachi Grammar School, the site where the journey began, 175 years ago.

Since 1999, the premises at Saddar (spread over 3.56 acres) have been dedicated to Years VII, VIII and IX, the middle years (prior to that, the premises had classes right from Year I to A Levels). 

Young adolescents – 11 to 15 year olds – engage with academic and co-curricular programmes designed to challenge and prepare them to become forces of good. 

Classes are housed in 3 buildings: a stone building which was opened in 1875 and continued to receive extensions as the years progressed; a building initially built with funds collected for a hostel as a War Memorial (during WWII), a memorial to old Grammarians who gave their lives in the Second World War; and the most recent addition, the IT block, in which the IT labs and administrative offices are located. 

The Middle Section’s football field and basketball, netball and throw ball courts add energy and positivity to the learning environment. 

The urban forest on its premises, covering 54’ x 18’, planted in 2017, boasts of 28 native species that not only provide a natural habitat  for birds, but also plays a significant role in keeping the air well oxygenated in a densely populated and heavily trafficked part of the metropolis. 

At the Middle Section, Year VII is the admission year where students from the Junior Section of the School and new admissions converge for their onward educational experience.