Karachi Grammar School is a non-profit organisation, committed to fostering duty and service as educational ideals, by promoting support for activities such as:

  • Scholarship Awards for students on need-cum-merit basis.
  • Blood donation camps on our premises.
  • Student volunteers to medical facilities such as SIUT, Dar-ul-Sakoon, Kidney Centre, etc.
  • Fund-raising efforts for various educational charities such as The Citizens Foundation and Ujala through Helpers’ Societies events.
  • Free summer school classes and sports for children of domestic staff.
  • Financial literacy classes for domestic staff.
  • Competitive Arts and Science events for student teams from other schools organised by our own senior students.
  • Book donations to low fee schools and educational charity schools.

The School is located on three sites. The original school, Middle Section in Saddar, the heart of the city of Karachi, is listed as a heritage building and now houses Year VII, VIII and IX. At Clifton, not far from the sea front, Kindergarten and Junior Sections opened in 1991, we teach children from Nursery to Year VI. Our newest premises, College Section opened in 1999, houses our O and A-level students.

The School is entirely independent, receiving no grant from the government or any other source, and is controlled by a Board of Governors registered as a Society under the Societies Registration Act of 1860.

The Principal of the School is Secretary to the Board and executes the decisions of the Board.

The Principal chairs the Senior Leadership Team which is made up of The Principal, the Heads of Sections, the Chief Financial Officer and the Chief Operations Officer.

In each Section there are Assistant Heads and Senior Masters / Mistresses who, collectively with the SLT, make up the Extended Management Team.
The Central Administration, under the control of the CFO and COO, deals with finance, security, IT, procurement, maintenance, special projects and facilities. 
Years ago
Continued to receive extensions as the years progressed

Mr Colin Wrigley


Mr Colin Wrigley has extensive experience of schools in Pakistan and the UK. He is now on his sixth term of office as Principal of KGS. He is interested in the development of management structures so that they are productive for the benefit of students and send the right signals to the outside world. In this connection he has pioneered training for senior staff in schools on a variety of topics, and also run workshops for teachers at various stages in their development.

His background is as a teacher of mathematics and he is the author of a textbook for Additional Mathematics and a textbook series International Secondary Maths for O-level and IGCSE Mathematics in Years VI to XI.

Maimoona Farooq


Kindergarten & Junior Section

An accomplished senior educator with extensive experience in the field of education, Mrs. Maimoona Farooq is Headmistress Kindergarten & Junior Sections of Karachi Grammar School and leads a team of dedicated teachers, overseeing the academic and holistic development of young learners from Nursery to Year VI. 

With a profound passion for teaching and a strong commitment to educational excellence Mrs. Farooq’s academic journey reflects her  multidisciplinary approach to education. Alongside  a Bachelor of Arts degree from Karachi University she pursued a Diploma in Art, establishing a comprehensive foundation in the fields of education and art. Committed to developing her skills and knowledge in education, she has undergone rigorous training both within and outside of Pakistan to remain updated with teaching methodologies, educational practices and advancements. 

Her experience in leadership roles as Senior Mistress and later Assistant Headmistress, has given her a deep understanding of curriculum development, assessment strategies, and pedagogical approaches.

Extending beyond classroom teaching, she played a pioneer role as one of the first Programme Leaders at Karachi Grammar School for CAIE PDQ
(Professional Development Qualifications), a Cambridge affiliated training programme for teachers.

Throughout her years as an educator, Mrs. Maimoona Farooq has demonstrated a passion for developing and enriching the educational experience for young KGS learners. She firmly believes that a school should be a safe and happy place for all students, where their holistic development and academic excellence are sensitively balanced. Her vision is rooted in the belief that every student possesses unique skills, talents, and strengths, which need to be nurtured and supported to reach their full potential.

She is a firm advocate of student-centered learning and emphasizes the importance of creating a conducive learning environment that fosters critical thinking, creativity, and independent learning skills. Driven by her vision, she strives to create a learning culture that celebrates diversity and encourages students to explore their interests and passions.

With her wealth of experience, commitment to excellence, and unwavering dedication to the betterment of education, she continues to make a positive impact on the lives of students.

Seema Haider

Assistant Headmistress

Kindergarten Section

After  graduating with a Bachelor of Arts  degree from Karachi University, Mrs. Seema Haider’s teaching career at Karachi Grammar School, Kindergarten Section started in 1987.

She was instrumental in the launching of the Open Learning Scheme with the Nursery and then extending it to Prep in her capacity as Year Leader, this marked a significant shift in the Kindergarten’s pedagogical approach to teaching and learning. Her responsibilities then expanded to incorporate a variety of roles in all year groups, including Class teacher, Year Group Leader and as a mentor.

In 2013, Mrs. Haider, was appointed to Karachi Grammar School’s Senior Management Team as Assistant Headmistress, Kindergarten Section, with responsibility for the day-to-day academic running of the school and with oversight of matters relating to pupils’ wellbeing and pastoral care, curricular planning, academic strategy, teaching and learning, and co-ordinating the professional development of the teaching staff.

Saman Husain

Assistant Headmistress

Junior Section

An IB certified professional, Mrs. Saman Husain has had a diversified experience in learning & teaching and teacher training.  Having  studied at Kinnaird College Lahore and IBA Karachi, she realizes the impact institutions have in shaping a person. She firmly believes that a continually evolving learning environment plays a key role in the holistic development of young learners.

Mrs.Husain  has been associated with Karachi Grammar School since 2002, with a hiatus of seven years, when she trained as an IB PYP Coordinator in Lahore, pursued CELTA certification from Cambridge University and earned the Singapore Teaching Award at The British Council, Singapore. She prides herself as a life-long learner and keeps herself abreast of latest practices. She has worked with all four Year Groups at the Junior Section of Karachi Grammar School, in various capacities, as a subject teacher, a Class Teacher, a Year Group Leader and a CPD member. 

She was appointed as the Assistant Headmistress of the Junior Section in September 2019.

Muneeza Shaikhali


Middle Section

After completing her schooling from St. Joseph’s Convent High School, Muneeza proceeded to achieve her Bachelors in Commerce and Masters in English from Karachi University. Since 1995, Muneeza has been in the field of education, with her interaction spanning nine year levels. Throughout her career, Muneeza’s continued focus has been on building critical thinkers and creative problem-solvers. She is interested in carving new pathways for her students to enable them to discover their niche. Empowering teachers to empower students to become forces of good is what she believes in.

Sadia Ashraf

Assistant Headmistress

Middle Section

Sadia graduated from Kinnaird College, Lahore, and proceeded to pursue her B-Ed from Punjab University and Masters in Pakistan Studies. She started teaching after graduation and her association with the education sector continues with the same fervour. Having a strong desire for promoting student emotional health and wellbeing, Sadia, in her capacity as the lead in Pastoral Care, works towards providing a supportive and safe environment for all learners at the Middle Section – she strives to ensure that each child is nurtured and develops as a well-rounded individual, able to face the challenges of the future.

Sadia has been at Karachi Grammar School since 2002 and has served in a number of positions before becoming Assistant head (Pastoral Care) at the Middle Section in 2018.

Saadia Hannani

Head of College

Student Learning - College Section

Saadia completed her schooling in the Middle East. Her alma mater includes the American University of Cairo and the Institute of Business Administration, Karachi. Prior to joining the field of education she worked in Investment Banking.

Having worked at both the pastoral side as well as the academic front, Saadia is a strong proponent of optimised learning environments, where care and connection must go hand-in-hand with learning. She has
launched several school improvement initiatives by formalising student feedback and student voice, support and reinforcement programs and subject masterclasses.

She joined KGS in 2004 as an A Level Mathematics teacher. She has worked as a Year Tutor, House Tutor, Program Leader for Mathematics, Assistant head, Performance Improvement and Assistant Head-Student Services.

Ahad Dada

Assistant Head

Student Learning - College Section

Ahad’s portfolio is diverse: besides being an experienced counsellor, he is a member of the A-level Biology and Physics faculty; he also prepares students for the SAT. This range of experience allows him to understand the many different components of college applications, leading him to effectively help and guide students on how best to prepare and present strong applications for colleges and universities.

Amna Liaquat

Head of College

Student Experience - College Section

Being a Grammarian herself and with over a decade in the educational sector, Amna brings with her experience and vision that is centered around and focused on student empowerment and leadership development. While the pursuit for academic excellence should be the aim of every student throughout their educational journey, she believes, focusing on their strengths beyond the classroom holds equal importance.
Putting students at the forefront of curating their school experience is the key to empowering young learners to understand their own strengths, identify and work on areas of improvement by developing soft and hard skills.
At the heart of School experience lies the emotional, mental and physical well-being of the student. This for her, is of utmost importance.