Unlimited Learning,
Unparalleled Experiences

The final stage in our students’ journey at The Karachi Grammar School, the College Section has a rich tradition of excellence inside and outside the classroom and provides students an environment and opportunities conducive to academic and personal growth.

The growing numbers of the senior student body led to the establishment of the College Section campus in 1999, which was previously located in Saddar with the Middle Section. The College Section campus houses 4 year groups; Year 10, 11, 12 and 13.

‘Studies in the college section nurture the deep thinking and academic development required for success in CAIE examinations in a wide range of subjects at the O, AS and A Levels. In addition to their academic work, students have a diverse variety of opportunities for co-curricular participation and for the development of character and leadership.

‘During their final four years in the school, students work to build a strong academic and extracurricular profile; one that will both support their university applications and prepare them for the challenges of university study. The skills they build through their studies and activities will enable them to best take advantage of the many opportunities they will encounter during their university years, both in their degree programme and in the university community.’

The College Section is a stepping stone for students to prepare themselves for university and beyond. Our college counselling team works closely with students, guiding them through subject selection, entrance tests and individual portfolio development.

We understand the pressure of exams, deadlines and extra-curricular commitments may get overwhelming. To cater to the mental and emotional needs of our students, we have a wellness counselling department on campus, which offers individual counselling as well as group counselling sessions.

Our students make memories as they go along and at the end of their stay with us at the College Section, they are equipped to take initiatives, make decisions and above all own their choices.

They embark upon their next pursuit with maturity, confidence and a positive mindset which enables them to face the challenges that come their way.