Middle Section


At the Middle Section, we are inspired by the mission of the School – to educate our students so that they are able and willing to be forces for good.

The curriculum is designed to offer our young adolescents the challenge necessary to motivate and extend their reach, age-appropriate engagement opportunities to develop, enhance, consolidate and apply skills, and activities that cater to various learning styles.

Being in the ‘middle’ puts us at a critical juncture – through the curriculum, we strive to create an environment to encourage independent learners who can take responsibility for their own learning, and to strengthen the foundation for the rigours of the College Section. The effort to smooth the transitions at both ends is consciously made.

A plethora of co-curricular opportunities are offered at the Section for students to explore their interests. Clubs and Societies are run with the intent of widening exposure to a variety of skills; and internal and external competitions and celebrations, an integral part of Section life, hone healthy competition and develop confidence.

In order to imbue emotional intelligence and leadership skills, the Pastoral Team endeavours to make our learners reflective, responsible and empathetic, developing positive relationships with self and peers. To this end, the Middle Section has a timetabled Student Health and Wellbeing programme which includes sports, meditation, Art therapy, emotional intelligence, music and leadership modules.