Student Wellbeing

At KGS we recognise that flourishing at school is determined as much by your wellbeing as it is by your academic ability: if you feel healthy and content within yourself and your environment, then you are far more likely to perform to the best of your academic potential.

Student wellbeing can be broadly defined as a student’s overall development and quality of life that underpins every aspect of a student’s schooling, from their ability to learn in class, to their ability to build positive relationships. It is a fundamental component of the school experience, and is just as important as academic learning.

Student wellbeing can change day to day, month to month and year to year. And it is affected by changes happening inside, as well as the changes in the world around us.

Wellbeing doesn’t mean our students feel good all the time. But it does mean that they have the skills, the resources and the capacity to cope with stress and the ensuing emotions in adaptive ways.

To further this aim, KGS offers Wellness Counselling services to our students, with counsellors / School Psychologists available in all three sections of the Karachi Grammar School, in order to provide a safe space, where students can share or unburden and talk about things they may feel uncomfortable talking about with someone else, without fear of judgement, and in complete confidence. The Wellbeing Counsellors also act as experts who provide relevant and essential information to our students, not only through one on one counselling, but also through assessments, focus groups and group sessions or assemblies, through which many common issues can be addressed. The aim and the purpose and most certainly the hope is to create a more open, a more accepting, a kinder and a more nurturing environment in our school, where students can flourish.