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KGS Middle School Inter-House Debates 2023-2024


The annual Inter-House Debates at KGS Middle School for the 2023-2024 academic year showcased an impressive display of eloquence and critical thinking over three exciting days of competition. The four houses – Frere, Napier, Papworth, and Streeton – competed with each team bringing their unique perspectives and arguments to the podium.

This year’s debates were judged by a distinguished panel consisting of an external judge, either the Headmistress (HM) or the Assistant Headmistress (AHM), and a student judge, ensuring a balanced and fair evaluation of each team’s performance. The debates covered a range of thought-provoking topics, testing the students’ knowledge, analytical skills, and public speaking prowess.

House Teams for Inter-House Debates 2023-2024:


– Alayna Omar Askari, VIII W

– Omar Imran Ahmed, IX K

– Ahmad Mujtaba, IX M

– Muhammad Azaan Khurram, IX G

– Naqi Khan, IX M

– Manaal Aadil Akram, VIII M

– Aaryan Ali Khan, IX K (Announcer)


– Chaudhry M. Yousuf, IX T

– Muhammad Kameyar Waseem, IX S

– Mahnoor Zain Banatwala, IX S

– Abbas Ejaz Basrai, IX S

– Naufil Naib Ali, VIII R

– Ibrahim Jawed, IX W

– Zoha Hassan, VIII G (Announcer)


– Ibrahim Ali, VIII L

– Sharym Danish Kalia, VIII M

– Syed Ali Hussain, VIII R

– Hadiya Khan, IX K

– Amna Saleem Awan, IX L

– Adan Zuberi, IX L

– Aman Shah, VIII S (Announcer)


– Mobin Fayaz, VIII L

– Rayyan Shehzad, VIII R

– Syed Muhammad Ali Banoori, VIII W

– Ibrahim Ahmed, IX M

– Aaryan Ali Rizvi, IX S

– Zahid Zulfikar Kauser, IX K

– Zayan Ali Hadi, X G (Announcer)

After intense rounds of debate and passionate arguments, Papworth emerged victorious, securing the title of the overall winning house for this year’s debates. Their success was a testament to their preparation, teamwork, and the individual brilliance of their speakers.

A special highlight of the event was the recognition of Muhammad Azaan Khurram from Frere as the Best Speaker of the competition. His exceptional oratory skills, confidence, and ability to articulate his points with clarity and persuasion impressed the judges and audience alike.

The Inter-House Debates 2023-2024 not only celebrated the art of debating but also fostered a spirit of healthy competition and camaraderie among the students. Congratulations to Papworth for their outstanding performance and to Muhammad Azaan Khurram for his well-deserved accolade. We look forward to another year of stimulating debates and intellectual engagement.