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Independence Day Festivities


Karachi Grammar School, Middle Section, commemorated Pakistan’s Independence Day with national fervour on 17th August 2023. Here’s a snapshot of the events that painted the day green:

1. National Anthem’s Melodious Reverberation:

Miraal Mohib at the piano churned out the solemn notes of our National Anthem; Leena Bagheri expressed the anthem in sign language, and the trio of Maria Mazhar, Meral Haroon, and Eman Yasir rendered it in a befitting manner.  A commendable initiative by Napier and Streeton Houses.

2. Leaders Convene: 

A riveting talk show presented by Papworth House students saw leaders Mr. Jinnah and Mr. Iqbal in a heartwarming encounter with personified provinces – a commendable performance by Mishal Sohail, Syed Ali Hussain, Azlan Ansari, Mariam Mazhar, Zoya Raza, Afnan Bilwani, and Shahzain Khan.

3. Quiz on Pakistan:

An engaging quiz compiled by Frere and Streeton had Mikael Mir, Ibrahim Ahmed, Abdul Zahid, Burhan Uddin, and Adam Halai testing the attendees’ knowledge on Pakistan’s rich history.

4. Past Meets Present:

Muhammad Gardezi and Sharym Kalia delved into a skit, portraying an intriguing dialogue between Quaid-e-Azam and Mahatma Gandhi, moderated by Azan Khurram – an intellectual treat presented by Frere House.

5. Poetry in Motion:

The beauty of the Urdu language was showcased with heartfelt poem recitations by Zaki Rasool and Muhammad Gardezi of Streeton and Frere Houses respectively.

6. Skit on Unity: 

A relevant depiction of religious tolerance was presented by Ibrahim Ahmed, Zoyaan Lakhani, Shahzain Butt, Eshal Ansari, Sarah Tawawala, and Haya Zaheer from Streeton House.

7. Time Travel through Dialogue:

An enthralling skit portrayed by Yusuf Chaudhry and Haiqa Hasnain of Napier House showcased a conversation between an old and a youngPakistani, reminiscing the changes over the years.

8. Poetic Prowess: 

Meri Pehchan Pakistan echoed through the Shed with a passionate recitation by Ahsan Feroze of Streeton House.

9. Dance of the Provinces:

Students from all houses came together in a mesmerizing cultural dance, showcasing the diversity and unity of Pakistan’s traditions.

10. Musical Finale:

The air resonated with the soul-stirring performance of the national song Jazba Junoon by Azlan Sohail, Abbas Basrai, and Zohair Sultan from Napier House and Papworth House.