Kindergarten Section


Learning in the Kindergarten Section

Language and Literacy

Our broad and creative curriculum brings English and Urdu to life from Nursery to Year II. We promote high standards of literacy and language, as we teach our young learners skills which equip them to think, speak and write clearly and coherently. The Kindergarten Section places great emphasis on reading and encourages curiosity and diversity in the children’s reading habits.

Mathematical Development

At the Kindergarten section we aim to inspire a love of Mathematics in every child. By developing mathematical skills through play and hands-on activities ,children explore, learn, practice and gain confidence in their understanding of numbers, shapes, spaces and measures. The activities and lessons are differentiated, structured for different learning styles and strike a productive balance between developing sound methodology in individual work, with rich learning experiences in paired and group work.

Real Science

Science at the Kindergarten section is exciting, engaging and thought provoking. We embrace the natural curiosity of our learners through inquiry based learning and develop enquiring minds through a variety of practical activities and explorations. Scientific investigations are done by making observations, asking questions, making predictions and building hypotheses, enabling our young scientists to develop their cognitive skills and encouraging them to analyse and draw their own conclusions.

Digital Learning

While our aim at the Kindergarten Section is to provide students the best
e-learning opportunities through the use of technology, we are also committed to providing a holistic approach to learning by blending traditional teaching practices with new digital experiences. The children start to use laptops, learning skills such as mouse control and using the Windows operating system. New apps are learnt, which complement their curriculum in other subjects.


Citizenship Education cultivates a sense of global citizenship and investigates citizens’ rights and responsibilities by integrating real-world experiences into the classroom ,in the form of theme-based units. These effectively develop 21st century skills, enhance social skills, and promote diversity and inclusion.


As part of a whole-school commitment to learner wellbeing, PSHE (Physical, Social, Health and Economic / Entrepreneurial) education develops the qualities and attributes pupils’ need to thrive as individuals, as members of a family and of society.

Learning Enrichment

The Kindergarten Section encourages pupils to be the best that they can be, but we also recognise that all children learn differently. Our nurturing environment provides opportunities for us to identify strengths and areas for development, and we provide all pupils with the best possible opportunities to enable them to learn. We offer expertise and help to resolve difficulties, and promote positive solutions for pupils experiencing barriers to their learning. Our aim is to provide all students with skills for learning that will make them feel happy and confident.

Kindergarten Section Sports Life

Physical Education

We strive to ensure that Physical Education and Games facilitate the holistic development of our students.Our weekly P.E lessons help improve coordination and develop both fine and gross motor skills. Fun and engaging warm up exercises every morning prime the body for more active movements.We teach the children the importance of good sportsmanship, focusing on having fun and doing their best.

All Kindergarten children have weekly swimming lessons in our newly refurbished,on-site swimming pool.In Nursery,the sessions are focused on developing children’s water confidence and safety,whilst in the other year groups,the children learn specific strokes and swimming skills.

Kindergarten Section Arts and Culture

Art, Craft and Design

The Kindergarten section provides a well-balanced and rich art education that engages, inspires and challenges our young learners, equipping them with the knowledge and skills to experiment, invent and explore different artistic styles and develop a personal taste. Children not only enjoy the School’s art facilities during their biweekly lessons, but are also able to practise and display their talents throughout their other lessons. We celebrate the children’s artwork in exhibits around the school.


Here at the Kindergarten Section, Music is a vital part of school life and we value its contribution to academic and social development. The weekly lessons create a sense of enjoyment and fun as the children sing, play musical games, and listen to different types of music. Children have multiple opportunities to perform in front of an audience, from the Sing Along at Christmas, to the band performances in assemblies, all showcasing the sheer joy that music brings to our lives.

Beyond the Kindergarten Section Classroom

Thanks to a varied curriculum and specialist teaching in Art, Music and Language, children have the chance to develop their own unique talents in a nurturing and inspiring environment.

The Kindergarten Sing Along

Is a treat for both parents and students alike, and involves each and every child in the Kindergarten.It is a wonderful occasion where pupils from Nursery to Year II put on a hugely entertaining show, with lots of singing and dancing and colourful costumes. Through our wide and varied programme of performances, we hope to offer all of the children within the Kindergarten the chance to grow in confidence and self-belief and allow them the opportunity to shine in their own individual way.

Co-Curricular activities

A strong and varied co-curricular programme is an integral part of the Kindergarten Section experience and takes place during school hours, allowing pupils to explore a plethora of interests. The activities complement what pupils are learning in school and support intellectual, emotional, social, creative and physical development.

Reading Week: is an annual event that motivates learners to read for pleasure and promotes language development in both English and Urdu.
The Character Parade, a much-loved Kindergarten event, consisting of a ‘dress up day’,culminates the reading week.

Earth Day: is celebrated annually to inspire awareness and appreciation for the Earth’s environment. Children are motivated to adopt an eco-friendly lifestyle throughout the year.

Fun Phonics: At the Kindergarten, language activities are integrated with real world experiences,in order to build their literacy and develop their language skills.To support this, some of our recent activities have included making chaat to reinforce the “cha” sound,and exploring an ambulance to reinforce Aa!

Sports Day

The Kindergarten Sports Day embraces a non-competitive and inclusive approach.An emphasis on ‘sport for all’ enables all students to participate in a wide-ranging schedule of races and field events, giving their very best to each activity.Sports day is a wonderful way of enabling the parents and the school to share in the joy and achievement of our young athletes.

Educational Visits
(Field Trips)

Enrichment, excitement, and gaining new skills are among the many reasons for organising school trips.All experiences are planned to sit within the curriculum and it is our aim that every child in the Kindergarten experiences the thrill of at least one journey away from School each year.

Community Connections

Community service events at the Kindergarten Section are extremely varied, creative and usually a lot of fun! We support many local charities in order to forge links within our community. Thanks to the generosity of our students and parents, we raise a handsome amount for charity each year. Alongside our ‘home’ charities, the Bake Sale in support of the Blood Donation Camp, and the camp itself, we have raised substantial funds for other causes, such as the flood victims of Pakistan.By taking care of the community to which they belong,the children of the Kindergarten gain a greater understanding and respect for the world around them.

Going Green

At the Kindergarten Section, we are working to reduce our ecological footprint by adopting sustainable practices in our everyday lives. As part of our commitment to a cleaner, greener future, we are actively recycling and reducing paper usage, promoting conservation of resources and discouraging the use of single-use plastics.

Pastoral Care

At the Kindergarten Section, pastoral care is the starting and end point of all we do. Our teaching, care and support provides our children with the knowledge and self-awareness to be the best that they can be.We actively offer opportunities for every child to succeed and we all celebrate and share their joy and delight when they do. This gives the children a wonderful sense of assurance and the ability to care for themselves and others.

Pastoral Structure

Pastoral and academic support for all pupils is run through a year group system. Class teachers, who are the main point of contact for both parents and children, play a pivotal role in supporting children in their class at School. As children move through the School, more time is spent with specialist teachers, however the role of the class teacher is the most important.Each year group is supported by a Year Group Coordinator who looks after all aspects of students’ performance in school.


Kindergarten is a very happy place where we teach children the importance of respecting themselves, others and their environment. We make clear our expectations of pupils and maintain a culture in which good behaviour is acknowledged.

Partnership with Parents

We value our strong relationships with families and work in partnership with parents to support and improve the learning, development and health of our pupils. We appreciate families keeping us informed of any matters that may affect behaviour, work or well-being.

Kindergarten Section Health and Wellbeing

Help and support is always on hand when you need it at the Kindergarten Section. It is an inclusive, caring place with a strong sense of community. Our role in school is to ensure that children are able to manage times of change and stress, and that they are supported to reach their potential or access help when they need it. We work hard to make sure every pupil is safe, healthy, nurtured, respected and included. We believe teaching about mental health and emotional wellbeing as part of a comprehensive PSHE education curriculum is vital. Under the umbrella of PSHE, special days are identified and celebrated, e.g. World Gratitude Day and World Mental Wellbeing Day.


At the Kindergarten Section we believe that rigid and robust safeguarding procedures are paramount to ensuring that parents know their children are protected and children feel safe and secure and know what to do when they are worried or concerned.

Health Hub

Our Sick Bay is well staffed, by a qualified and experienced nurse and a doctor on call. It is adequately equipped to handle day-to-day emergencies.