College Counselling

Forging University Pathways

Our Philosophy

‘Karachi Grammar School prepares its learners to seek meaningful success in their lives, and that principle drives our college counselling programme. We strongly believe that the college planning and application process can help our students to grow into independent and self-aware young men and women who know what they want from the college experience. Our team of counsellors support this journey with expert advice and support, and help students develop the tools they need to take on life beyond the school with resourcefulness and confidence.’


Meet the Team

Annabel Wells Belgaumi

Head of Counselling

Annabel has been a college counsellor for over 20 years, and is excited to be joining the Karachi Grammar School team. She believes that finding the right fit is key to a successful and rewarding university experience, and is looking forward to helping KGS students take the next steps in their educational journeys. These journeys will be unique for each student, and she encourages students to prepare themselves by taking the time to understand themselves and to thoughtfully consider their educational and personal goals.

Ayesha Shoaib

In addition to being a counsellor for the past many years, Ayesha is the Head of the Economics Department at Karachi Grammar School. She works closely with students in both capacities to ensure that they are preparing intellectually and socially for their futures. She has attended national and international college counselling conferences and strongly believes that the process requires complete honesty and commitment for success.

Sitwat Irfan

Currently teaching Economics to A Level students, Sitwat has been involved with the education sector since 2002. She has been a College Counsellor for seven years at Karachi Grammar School. She is also the patron of the Helpers Society at school.

Sundus Rasheed


Currently working as the Head of Media Studies, Sundus has been a College Counsellor for six years at Karachi Grammar School. She is also the patron of the School’s Sounds & Performing Arts Society and the Visual Arts Society. Her fields of interest include the arts, humanities and social sciences. Before joining KGS, she worked in broadcast and digital media in a range of roles.

Sidra Qureshi

Counsellor & FY Portfolio Advisor

Coming from a family of educationists and teachers, Sidra wanted to diversify her skills and experience towards empowering students to become the most successful version of themselves. She has over seven years of experience helping students apply to selective colleges. As a Portfolio Advisor, she enjoys helping students create exemplary college profiles.

Shumaila Hussain

O-Level Portfolio Advisor
Shumaila’s portfolio as an educator and member of the counselling team is diverse: she is the Head of the school’s Pakistan Studies department, Patron of the Rowing Society, and our O-level Portfolio Advisor. As a former House Tutor, she has worked closely with students to empower and support them in their school journey and brings the same energy and enthusiasm to her counselling sessions.

Our Structure

‘The Counselling Department comprises 10 experienced Counsellors and a dedicated office staff. We are an integral part of the students’ educational experience at the College Section, and we work in close collaboration with students and families to ensure that the college planning and application process is personalised and meaningful. In addition to the college application process, the Counselling Department facilitates well-informed selection of academic subjects at the O and A level and meaningful engagement in activities.

‘Our Portfolio Advisors work with students in Years 10-12, guiding them and encouraging them to take part in activities that will help them explore their academic and personal interests, strengthen their existing skills and develop new competencies. In the second term of Year 12, students start one-on-one meetings with a Counsellor who will guide and support them throughout Year 13.’

Portfolio Advising

‘Structured super- and extra- curricular activities and meaningful community service help our students to gain the most benefit from their time in the College Section. Through participation in these activities, students extend their learning outside the classroom and gain a stronger understanding of their personal values and goals for the future.

‘The skills and knowledge gained through participation in club activities, sports, competitions and independent exploration of subjects beyond the curriculum all prepare them for competitive college admissions and rigorous university level studies. Thorough this proactive engagement with their interests, students demonstrate their enthusiasm for learning and their desire to contribute positively to the communities of which they are a member.

College Application

‘In Year 12, students work with their counsellors to identify target universities that are the best match for their interests and requirements, and that give the best potential for offers of admission and financial aid, if required. The summer of Year 12 is an important time for students to focus on researching university options, writing resumes, and making headway with application essays.

The application process itself begins early in Year 13; with application requirements and deadlines varying based on country and university. Students work on crafting an application that will best represent their strengths and accomplishments, provide context for their achievements in and out of the classroom, and demonstrate their interest in the programmes and universities that they are applying to. Our counsellors work closely with students and parents to guide them through the process (including the all-important essays) to ensure the best possible outcome for each student. Counselling and application support are ongoing throughout the year, through final school transcripts and dispatch of A Level results.’

Special Initiative

1.Information sessions with KGS alumni

For the Alumni Talks programme, recent graduates of KGS are invited to share their experiences with current students in a series of country-specific and occupation-specific panel discussions.

2.College fair and information sessions with university representatives

KGS hosts a college fair with visiting representatives from colleges and universities in the United States, and also organises information sessions for university representatives from other countries including Canada, Hong Kong, Turkey and the United Kingdom, as well as Pakistan.

3.Mock interviews

All applicants invited to departmental interviews at Oxford or Cambridge were offered the opportunity to take part in mock interviews with relevant subject teachers and with alumni studying in those subjects at Oxford/Cambridge.

4.Career Fair

Once a year the Counselling Department organises a Career Fair in partnership with the Old Grammarians’ Society (OGS). The event features small group sessions with KGS graduates who are professionals and industry leaders from a range of industries and fields of endeavour.


The Counselling Department works with the OGS and other organisations to arrange summer internship opportunities for College Section students.