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There are 4 broad categories of co-curriculars offered at College Section:

  • Sports
  • Student-Led Societies
  • Clubs & Projects
  • School Events


  • At the College Section, there are 12 different sports that are offered
  • with specialised coaches for each
  • Barring outdoor rowing on water, we offer all facilities on campus for students
  • In addition to receiving training during PE lessons, there is an afterschool intensive programme available for students to further enhance their skills
  • Competitions are held every month on an intra-school level through house matches
  • Our students also compete in external inter-school competitions in the city as well as nationally






Table Tennis
Athletics Track & Field
Table Tennis

Student-Led Societies

  • Students are empowered to create and lead societies with unique mandates and deliverables
  • Each Society is overseen by a patron/faculty member
  • Students can register to become members for societies and are assigned specific roles such as marketing, finance,
  • HR, operations and communication
    Societies are active from August – February
  • Students are engaged in multiple projects and events through the school year
  • Any participation in society events is added to the students co-curricular portfolio/resume which is issued to them at the end of the year and is also sent forward in their university applications

Psychology Society

  • The Psychology Society has a simple mission: to cultivate a shared love for psychology and provide a safe space
    for every student
  • The council has held frequent sessions where the members anonymously share what was on their minds. Those present at the meetings would offer advice and support, aiding in fostering a safe environment
  • Moreover, the Psychology Society has called renowned speakers and conducted a workshop where students were trained in behavioural studies and operating at their optimum potential
  • One of the main highlights of the society is hosting mental health awareness sessions and activities on campus throughout the year, in collaboration with the student wellbeing department

Instagram Handle: @kgspsychsociety

STEM Society

A combination of Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, Biology and Cybernetics, this is a society if you’re interested in any area of science. For the inquisitive minds, the goal is to foster interest in, and support exploration of, the natural sciences and the scientific method through contests, olympiads, scientific publication and cooperation with other Societies.

Our calendar kicks off with an intra-school competition called the Einsteins Gauntlet, followed by an inter-house science bowl competition and we finish with out most popular Science Olympiad (KGSO) where we have participating teams from all over the city.

Instagram Handle: @kgs.stem

KGS Model United Nations

  • Model United Nations is an educational simulation in which students can learn about diplomacy, international relations, and struggles of common citizens closely referring to complex policies that impact social conditions
  • Through debate, members interact with other ‘diplomats’ and analyze ways to manipulate and influence burning political issues of the world
  • Training sessions are held thrice a week
  • Leading up to major competitions such as LUMUN, MUNIK or HUMUN, rigorous sessions are held everyday

Instagram Handle: @kgsmun

Parliamentary Debate Society

The Parliamentary Debate Society’s aims are threefold;

1.Encourage students and push them in terms of public speaking and confidence, giving them the  necessary skills to share their opinions and raise their voice

2.Familiarise students with the Parliamentary Debate format, teaching them to engage with other

speakers and individuals in a respectful manner, how to explain their views in a structured manner,  as well as to deconstruct argumentation from others, learning the strategy behind getting a point  across and winning in a competitive, high-pressure environment

3.The society aims to instil the curiosity to learn and research within students, teaching them about  world affairs, philosophy, economics, art, technology, and a myriad of other topic areas, giving them  the ability to engage in conversation and confidently articulate thoughts on anythings

Journalism and Research Society

  • “Journalism can never be silent: that is its greatest virtue and its greatest fault.”

    • The KGS Journalism & Research Society empowers students by creating a diverse and collaborative platform for writers, researchers, artists, orators, photographers and more
    • It helps them interact with the world around them from an objective, yet creative lens where they can showcase their own experiences and insights. JAR strives to find a place for every student, regardless of their niche
    • Some of our student-led initiatives include the regular publication of “The Daily Grammarian”, the annual journalistic convention GRAMA, extensive research reports, discussion panels and podcasts

Instagram Handle: @kgsjournalismsociety

Empowerment Society

  • The KGS Empowerment Society aims to foster safer and empowering spaces within the school community. It does so by creating greater consciousness regarding harassment, mental health and societal inequalities
  • By producing student-led films, hosting agora square sessions, inviting social activists and initiating projects to teach underprivileged students – the empowerment society is holistic in its approach towards empowerment
  • One of the most popular events for the empowerment society is the KGS Mock Trial

Instagram Handle: @kgsempowermentsociety

Culinary Society

  • Forming a community where people can share their love for food
  • Teaching students how to cook in preparation for university
  • Hosting events in which students can showcase their culinary prowess. The culinary society has its presence at almost every event, including PTMs, where students prepare food items to sell
  • Simulating Master Chef, we host an inter-house competition as our most anticipated event of the year

Instagram Handle: @kgs.culinary.society

History Society

  • The objective of the historical society is to allow students the opportunity to explore their interests in history outside of the school’s curriculum
  • We hope to facilitate further exploration into historical time periods and themes that stretch from Ancient Greece to the current era, through historical debates, discussions and exciting events
  • Visits to historical locations in the city and other destinations
    Our events include hosting trips to historical sites in the city
  • We also have an inter-school competition on History.

Instagram Handle: @kgshistsociety

Urdu Society

Urdu Society is mandated to inculcate the love of Urdu literature and language through these activities:

  • Urdu Elocution
  • Dramatic Reading of Urdu poetry
  • Urdu Play
  • Thematic Poster Design
  • Annual Seerat Event
  • Essay Writing
  • Debate Competition


  • Who should join?

Those with love and joy for our beautiful native language. To explore further the history, journey  and rich development of the language.

Instagram Handle: @KGSUrduSociety

Helpers Society

  • The Helpers Society aims to inculcate social responsibility in our students so they can play a meaningful role to support the community at large
  • Our approach is solution-oriented and simple: students are encouraged to volunteer at charitable organizations, arrange collection drives and raise funds to support sustainable projects via Bake Sales, information sessions by philanthropists and various leaders in the community
  • The objective of the Helpers Society is to encourage, motivate and inspire students to provide services to support the community in not only at the hour of the need but also regularly to make connections and bridge the gap in the society
  • Students also develop a holistic personality as well as certain integral skills such as student led initiatives, leadership, organization, communication and team work

Our Motto: Sympathy, Empathy, Compassion

Instagram Handle: @kgs_thehelpers

Dramatica Theatre Society

  • Dramatica provides a platform for histrionic performance both on stage and off stage, encouraging students to explore the many processes that lead to meaningful, creative theatre
  • Our annual events include the Readers Theatre in the first term where students perform original pieces. The second term is when we have our much-awaited Drama Fest weekend

Who should join?

Budding actors, directors, producers, sound and light editors, set designers, screenwriters…all find a place in the spotlight  here.

Instagram Handle: @kgs.dramatics

Visual Arts Society

The Visual Arts Society combines a range of arts under one umbrella including fine art, graphic design and  film. Our flagship event for the year is GRAMMART.

Instagram Handle: @kgs.vas

Sounds Society

  • To allow our learners to engage in music and the wider range of performing arts including singing, dance and spoken word. Our flagship event for the year is GRAMMART
  • The sound society performs at most school and society led events such as Independence day, Founders Day, Sports Day etc

Instagram Handle: @kgssoundsociety

First Aid Society

The First Aid society aims to equip each and every member of the KGS College Section community  with the skills and knowledge to tackle íeal life emergency scenarios through workshops,  presentations and demonstrations.

Instagram Handle: @kgs_fiístaid

Eastern Music Society

‘Music is a moral law. It gives a soul to the Universe’. – Plato

  • EMS not only aims to revive traditional music but charted a new path by offering the participants/ audience a diversity ensemble of music genre, stretching all the way from pop, classical, ghazals to Sufi music
  • As music is expression of culture, EMS also aims to enhance Urdu and other regional languages through music
  • It allows singers and musicians from different courses and backgrounds to explore their interests, create a bond and have fun
    To promote and revive mainly traditional music; provide participants/audience a diverse ensemble of music genre from classical to
  • Pop
    It also aims to enhance diverse cultures, Urdu & other regional languages through music & have fun

Instagram Handle: @ems_kgs

The Conservation Society

  • The Conservation Society is a highly proactive society which focuses on inculcating and supporting environmental consciousness within the school community
  • We believe it is important to promote sustainable practices both in and aim to encourage environmental responsibility through various activities, competitions, workshops, drives and more
  • The Lignum project is a drive started foe afforestation in areas around the school locality

Instagram Handle: @kgs.conservationsociety

Photography Society

The Karachi Grammar Photography Society aims to remove limitations on creativity by offering every  individual a chance to capture various events taking place inside the school premises in their unique way.

This  is where emerging photographers can hone their skills by learning tricks from their “buddies.”Our mission is  to create lasting memories with passion and enthusiasm through a range of exciting events and workshops  that we have planned for all of you!

Major Annual Event(s):

Exhibition at the end of the academic year  Grammarian and Daily Grammarian  Interhouse event with a house theme

Collaborating with other societies: if an event requires a photographer

Instagram Handle: @KGSPhotographySociety

Entrepreneurship Society

  • The Entrepreneurship society is one that’s completely unique. The society caters to aspiring entrepreneurs and business minded individuals through its participation in various external and internal entrepreneurship summits, designed to test and develop skills that successful entrepreneurs need, such as creativity, marketing and budget management
  • Participants in the society need no prior knowledge or experience as the society is inclusive to everyone
  • The society is coming off an extremely successful year, winning major trophies at every competition they participated in and are looking forward to continuing their  success
  • The society also frequently holds panel discussions with seasoned entrepreneurs from Pakistan
  • to give an insight into the local business atmosphere and the challenges of doing business in Pakistan

Instagram Handle: @KGES

KGS Finance League

To act as a gateway between students and the world of practical finance through opportunities beyond coursework.

Major Annual Event(s):

Forex Market Simulation Competition – Students will be given the opportunity to learn about the exports and imports of world  powers, along with using  that  knowledge  and  current  day  events  to  make  informed

forex  portfolios  Financial Literacy Program – Students will receive Financial Literacy, and then will be provided

with the tools to develop their  own curriculums for various demographics, along with teaching an already

developed curriculum to students at schools across  Karachi

Instagram Handle: @kgs_finance_league

Peer Tutoring Society

  • The Peer Tutoring Society provides a platform for young learners to seek academic help from their more experienced peers. Based on the principle of initiative, the society allows for inter-grade collaboration and empowers students to eventually become tutors themselves
  • We have held several successful sessions hosting a large number of students, including SAT sessions and exam preparatory sessions. Starting from this year, in collaboration with the Student Learning department, our mission is to continue enhancing the already high academic standard of KGS and to provide a wide array of opportunities for students
  • We also offer community seívice oppoítunities to our tutors. Duíing the summer and winteí school breaks, we host educational camps wheíe school students volunteer to tutor our domestic staff and their children, impaíting them with impoítant knowledge and skills

Instagram Handle: @pts.kgs

Athletes Training Leadership and Skill Society (ATLAS)

  • We are a sports society that aims to ensure that every athlete’s journey is marked by
    recognition and respect
    We aim to build a platform to represent our schools athletes as they deserve to be brought to light.
  • This society is for all elite athletes as well as those aspiring to embark on the journey just as a novice
    We believe everybody can develop skills if they are willing to put in the work and our student coaches will be with you to actualize your ambitions

Instagram Handle: @atlas.kgs

Clubs & Projects


  • For all chess enthusiasts willing to learn and master the game
  • Training sessions and matches are held during break as well as after school
  • Our main event is the inter-house competition
  • We also partake in inter-school, regional and national level competitions

Instagram Handle: @kgs_chess


  • A home for anyone with a love for words, this club will work to cultivate interest in scrabble and encourage learning through engagement, connecting with peers and healthy competition and communication
  • We host Scrabble workshops, after-school Scrabble games, and facilitate inter-house, inter-school tournaments and other virtual scrabble competitions

Instagram Handle: @kgsscrabbleclub

Readers Club

  • Book clubs promote a love of literature in a positive, nurturing environment. The purpose of tishe KGS readers/book club is to bring a community together to learn about and discuss something that is of interest to them,
  • Students are given one book reading per month after which they all come together and discuss their perspectives, take aways and learnings.

Dead Poets Club

  • The Dead Poets Club (DPC) is a space for the writers, poets, and literature enthusiasts of KGS to come together and unleash their creativity in an environment conducive to self-expression and creative externalizing
  • Over the course of the school year, DPS holds events such as open mics, writing competitions, literary debates, and various workshops.
  • This year, the Dead Poets Society aims to publish a magazine featuring original work ranging from writing to art and photography


  • For all students who are interested in recitation, expressive speech and creation of original pieces.
  • Our annual event is the inter-house elocution.

Instagram Handle: @kgselocutusociety