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Admission to Year 7



Admission to Year VII (2024)


List of shortlisted candidates


Applicants assigned the following Form IDs have been shortlisted (shortlisting does not in any

way guarantee admission).

Alongside the Form IDs is mentioned the time for the interview of the candidate and both

parents, and for verification of documents (for details please consult the footnote).

Form ID Monday, 15th April 2024

Reporting Time

MS-11 10:00 am

MS-14 10:00 am

MS-15 10:15 am

MS-18 10:30 am

MS-25 10:45 am

MS-30 11:00 am

MS-31 11:15 am

MS-32 11:15 am

MS-36 11:30 am

MS-37 11:30 am

MS-38 11:45 am

MS-39 11:45 am

MS-44 12:00 noon

MS-46 12:00 noon

MS-48 12:15 pm

MS-54 12:15 pm

MS-55 12:30 pm

MS-56 12:30 pm

MS-58 12:45 pm

MS-63 12:45 pm

Form ID Tuesday, 16th April 2024

Reporting Time

MS-64 8:30 am

MS-66 8:30 am

MS-67 8:45 am

MS-68 8:45 am

MS-74 9:00 am

MS-75 9:00 am

MS-80 9:15 am

MS-81 9:15 am

MS-82 9:30 am

MS-85 9:45 am

MS-88 10:00 am

MS-89 10:15 am

MS-101 10:30 am

MS-102 10:45 am

MS-104 10:45 am

MS-112 11:00 am

MS-115 11:00 am

MS-117 11:15 am

MS-119 11:15 am

MS-124 11:30 am

MS-125 11:30 am

MS-129 11:45 am

MS-130 11:45 am

MS-131 12:00 noon

MS-134 12:15 pm

MS-139 12:30 pm

MS-140 12:45 pm

Form ID Wednesday, 17th April 2024

Reporting Time

MS-141 8:30 am

MS-142 8:30 am

MS-145 8:45 am

MS-146 8:45 am

MS-148 9:00 am

MS-149 9:00 am

MS-150 9:15 am

MS-151 9:15 am

MS-152 9:30 am

MS-158 9:45 am

MS-163 10:00 am

MS-169 10:15 am

MS-174 10:30 am

MS-175 10:45 am

MS-176 10:45 am

MS-181 11:00 am

MS-187 11:00 am

MS-188 11:15 am

MS-189 11:15 am

MS-192 11:30 am

MS-222 11:30 am

MS-240 11:45 am




– The interview will be held at the Middle Section of Karachi Grammar School.


When you come for the interview, please bring the documents listed below:

(a) Original birth certificate (NOT a recent extract), with photocopy,

(b) B – Form issued by NADRA, with photocopy,

(c) One recent passport-size photograph of the applicant,

(d) Original CNIC of both parents, with photocopy.

(e) Original and photocopy of the last academic report of the candidate.


Successful candidates’ Form IDs will be posted on our website on 30th April 2024.


For any admission-related queries, please contact year7adm2023@kgs.edu.pk

We wish all our applicants the best of luck.


Colin Wrigley

MBE, BSc, MEd, FCollT



13th April 2024