Promoting self-Confidence

Year 10 Admission:

The application portal for Year 10 admission will be activated on the website starting 1 February, 2023.

The portal will accept applications till 15 February, 2023.

The admission test is scheduled for Saturday, 11 March 2023


Applicants born in the following months are eligible:

2008: May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December
2009: January, February, March, April

The above requirement is strictly enforced; submission of fake papers will disqualify the applicant.


Interested applicants should organise the following documents that are required (scanned plus physical copy)

  1. Most recent passport size picture of the applicant
  2. B-Form of the applicant
  3. Smart Card of the applicant
  4. NADRA Birth Certificate (not a recent extract of the same)
  5. School academic report (Year 7 – 9) of the applicant
  6. CNIC of parent(s)/guardian

A Level Admission (Year 12/13):

The online application portal for A-Level Admissions will be activated on the website in August 2023, AFTER the May/June 2023 CAIE results are released.