Kindergarten Section

Nurturing creativity from the earliest years

Our children are treated as individuals, but we aim to arouse compassionate awareness of others and to introduce social and environmental issues. Art, craft, music, computers, swimming and educational trips are part of every child’s experience, building on a strong foundation in the basic literacy and numeracy skills.

Parental links are valued highly.

Junior Section

Promoting self-confidence

We show our students how to take responsibility for their own learning. We also build up their social skills in how to relate to others. We see these twin factors as the key to unlocking their potential to become high achievers in both individual and teamwork contexts.

A distinguishing feature of Junior Section, in line with this philosophy, is the Annual Concert in which every child participates.

Middle Section

The physical and emotional heart of the School

In the historic building, in which KGS has had a presence since 1875, our aim is to ensure that the groundwork is firmly laid for the examination pressures to come in later years, whilst maintaining age-appropriate techniques for maximizing learning.

Students participate enthusiastically in a variety of academic, sporting, musical and social activities to support classroom work, and in regular events such as Project Day, Sports Day and the Annual Drama production.

College Section

Examinations with a purpose

During the final four years in the School our students are highly focused upon acquiring their best possible record of achievement in academics and otherwise to enable them to be successful in gaining admission to their desired universities at home or abroad. We have a team of Counsellors to facilitate their applications with expert advice and support.

In addition to nurturing the deep thinking and academic growth required for success in CIE examinations in a wide range of subjects (O/AS/ A-level), we offer an equally diverse variety of opportunities for co-curricular participation.


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